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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 6 February 2013

While the Military has been growing it's use of renewable's with mostly portable solar setups on the main bases and forward operation bases, renewable's are starting to be introduced to the population as the Military Operations draw down.

Renewable Energy for Kandahar University
U.S. Army Civil-Military Operations Center Director Maj. Narvaez Stinson of the 450th Civil Affair Battalion (Airborne) coordinates the convoy movement while at Forward Operating Base Walton Jan. 8. Arizona based company First Solar donated more than 900 panels to the university, their second donation here since last year. (Photo by Staff Sgt. Jeff Neff)

Kandahar University, located in western Kandahar City, received 36 pallets of solar panels from a private U.S. company Jan. 8, marking an important day for energy independence in the Kandahar region. The panels, worth nearly $1 million, were donated by First Solar of Arizona and will provide enough electricity to fully support the campus.

With support from the local municipal government and the Kandahar Provincial Reconstruction Team, a total of 900 solar panels which will generate 135 kilowatts of electricity, were delivered to the university. After installation, the university will boast about 170kw with unused energy available to give back to the grid.

Chancellor Dr. Hazrat Mir Totakhil and Vice Chancellor and Lead Engineer Abdul Tawab gladly welcomed the convoy of local flatbed trucks, escorted by U.S. military personnel and the Infrastructure Team. read more>>>

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Industry welcomes prime minister's support for green economy and energy efficiency
05 February 2013 - The prime minister David Cameron has said that the UK must prioritise growth in green industries such as energy efficiency and renewable energy.

Launching an energy efficiency programme on Monday, Cameron said: "to those who stay we just can't afford to prioritise green energy right now, my view is we can't afford not to".

Cameron has been criticised for many quarters for not speaking up sufficiently for the green economy, giving rise to suspicions that he secretly supports those within his party who believe it is a waste of money.

But he was unequivocal in his speech. "Make no mistake, we are in a global race and the countries that succeed in that race, the economies in Europe that will prosper are those that are the greenest and the most energy-efficient," he said. read more>>>

The Smart Grid Consumer State of the Union
January 28, 2013 - The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative cites success stories in the emerging realm of connecting utilities to their customers.

The DistribuTECH smart grid showcase gets underway in San Diego this week, and one of the top questions on the minds of utilities, smart grid vendors and entrepreneurs will likely be, just when will utility customers start caring about the smart grid?

The Smart Grid Consumer Collaborative (SGCC) has been studying that question for years now, working with utilities around the country to gauge just what their residential customers think of smart meters, home area network devices, demand response and home efficiency programs and other smart grid-enabled ways to interact with their energy use. read more>>> - Buy Best Electronic Gadgets, Laptop Parts, Computer Components, Cell Phone Accessories!

Coalition driving sustainable energy push
January 30, 2013 - A new organization has launched with the mission of educating consumers about the staggering numbers surrounding power consumption.

Power Over Energy, a collaboration among industry stakeholders, directs consumers to an energy-efficiency website that provides the tools for users to understand more about how power is generates, transmitted, consumed and conserved.

The website provides the information consumers need to help move the country to a cleaner, more efficient, resilient and sustainable energy future, including some impactful statistics. read more>>>

Wales really goes for solar
04 February 2013 - Solar panels more popular in Wales than in the rest of Britain according to government figuresSolar panels more popular in Wales than in the rest of Britain according to government figures

The latest statistics from the Department of Energy & Climate Change (DECC) have revealed over 23,000 Welsh homes have had solar panels installed, generating power for their own domestic use while feeding excess electricity back to the national grid. This means that solar power is now more popular in Wales than in the rest of Britain with 177 installations per 10,000 Welsh homes.

Some towns in Wales have been quicker to install than others with Wrexham as the number one Welsh solar PV hotspot. The town now has 509 installations per 10,000 households which is the second highest installation rate in the whole of the UK. Altogether the Wrexham area has around 3000 homes fitted with solar PV. read more>>>

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US DOE provides $9 million to accelerate solar energy deployment
01 February 2013 - US Department of Energy is providing $9 million to seven projects through its SunShot Initiative to accelerate solar energy deployment in the United States.

The projects are located in California, Colorado, Connecticut, Massachusetts, North Carolina and Texas. The DOE says each represents an opportunity dramatically transform the operations of solar researchers, manufacturers, developers, installers, and policymakers, and speed the commercialization and deployment of affordable, clean solar energy.

“Through powerful analytical tools developed by our nation’s top universities and national labs, we can gain unparalleled insight into solar deployment that will help lower the cost of solar power and create new businesses and jobs,” said Energy Secretary Steven Chu. “Projects like these will help accelerate technological and financing innovations – making it easier for American families and businesses to access clean, affordable energy.” read more>>>

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