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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 11 February 2013

The Potential of Microgrids
The Potential of Microgrids

A microgrid is a smaller power grid that can operate either by itself or connected to a larger utility grid. Microgrids can serve a few houses, a college campus, a hospital and complex of federal buildings or large military installations. Homes and other buildings that are a part of a microgrid benefit from continued power even during power outages. read more>>> the world's most responsible green hosting company

Superbowl blackout points to smart microgrids
Feb 06, 2013 - So what does it mean when America’s premier sports event goes dark for 34 minutes? Was BeyoncĂ© just too electrifying? Or does the Superbowl blackout signify deeper problems with electrical infrastructure?

First, we now know Beyoncé is off the hook. The halftime show used its own generator. So was the utility to blame? Entergy says a monitoring device detected a power surge in the system, and automatically shut down a feeder to half the stadium. That was to prevent any problems from spreading. Ironically, while the event spurred calls for smart grid such as this one at The Daily Beast,that was a pretty smart piece of grid automation at work. read more>>>

LED lighting gaining traction in commercial retrofits
Once thought to be too costly for commercial buildings, LED lighting is increasingly popping up in warehouses and commercial facilities as part of energy retrofit projects.

Atlas Box, a Massachusetts-based manufacturer of protective packaging for electronics and heavy equipment, has embarked on a plan to reduce energy consumption by 55 percent in two facilities by installing LED lighting systems. The two-year retrofit project for installing lighting controls and other energy efficiency measures got underway thanks to a no upfront cost financing program set up by the local utility, National Grid. read more>>>

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Hawaii extends solar tax credit
February 11, 2013 - Hawaii state lawmakers last week voted to extend solar tax credits within the state, but adopted a plan to gradually phase out the credit from 30 percent of installation costs to 15 percent over the next five years.

HB497 heavily endorses solar hot water systems, placing a $2,500 cap on single-family residences and a $500 cap on multi-family homes, according to the House Committee on Energy and Environmental Protection (EEP).

"What we've done here, is taken input from stakeholders on all sides of the issue to come up with a comprehensive solution that keeps the economy growing and continues to expand access to renewable energy in a fiscally responsible manner," said EEP Chair Chris Lee, in a statement. read more>>>

European Commission launches contest seeking climate change solutions
11.02.2013 - The EU Climate Action Commissioner Connie Hedegaard has launched a new low-carbon contest and is calling for entries from individuals and organisations behind projects that aim to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

The contest, dubbed 'The World You Like Challenge', is part of the commission's climate action campaign.

Starting from today, people will be able to submit their low-carbon projects. According to the commission, all projects from individuals or organisations based in an EU member state will be considered, provided their main aim is to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. read more>>>

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Bioenergy Association welcomes Greenpeace’s report
February 11, 2013 - Bioenergy Association of New Zealand welcomes Greenpeaces report into New Zealands ability to move to a new clean economy. In particular BANZ notes the report’s emphasis on bioenergy as a means to achieving a New Zealand clean energy future


Bioenergy Association of New Zealand welcomes Greenpeace’s report into New Zealand’s ability to move to a new clean economy.

In particular BANZ notes the report’s emphasis on bioenergy as a means to achieving a New Zealand clean energy future read more>>>

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