Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 12 February 2013

EPA moves forward with climate change protection plan, asks for comments
02/08/13 - The Environmental Protection Agency is formally moving forward with its Climate Change Adaptation Plan.

Beginning Friday, the EPA is accepting comments on its draft plan, which calls for the agency to amend its operations — including the promulgation of new regulations — to account for increasingly rapid global warming. The effort comes in response to a 2009 government-wide directive via President Obama's Council on Environmental Quality, requiring agencies to plan this year for future climate change. read more>>>

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State of Green Business report 2013
February 12, 2013 - The 2013 State of Green Business report, our sixth annual, has just been published. It tells a story of the shifting business reality — a world slowly coming to grips with a changing climate, economic volatility and great risks to business as usual.

Simply put, it recognizes that business as usual isn’t sustainable during unusual times.

Ours is a world in which a flood in Thailand can cut off global supplies of computer disk drives for the better part of a year; where a record-low Mississippi River can choke the flow of commerce; where an unprecedented hurricane (or “superstorm”) can upend one of the world’s financial centers for weeks. read more>>>

Blue-Green Leaders Call on President to Focus on Climate, Infrastructure in State of the Union
WASHINGTON, DC (February 11, 2013) The day before the State of the Union address, BlueGreen Alliance leaders called on President Barack Obama to launch a national dialogue on climate change and to make it a top priority in his second term. In addition, the labor-environmental partnership highlighted the steps needed to address climate change, rebuild America’s crumbling infrastructure and to create quality American jobs.

“It’s time we move forward with a bold vision to get the systems we rely on every day in America –power, water, transportation, and communications – back to where we need to be to safeguard our communities as best we can,” said BlueGreen Alliance Executive Director David Foster. “We’re calling on President Obama to lay out a clear path for reducing carbon pollution, rebuilding America’s infrastructure, creating good jobs and building a stronger, cleaner, and fairer economy.” read more>>>

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Wyden pushes for environmentally sound fracking model
February 12, 2013 - The Obama Administration is in the process of revising a proposed rule developed by the Bureau of Land Management to regulate hydraulic fracturing on public lands.

Energy and Natural Resources Committee Chairman Ron Wyden is urging them to ensure oil and natural gas production on public lands is done responsibly, keeping the environment in mind.

Wyden has strongly supported the use of new supplies of cleaner-burning natural gas to boost U.S. manufacturing, cut greenhouse gas emissions and transition to a low-carbon economy, calling it a "strategic advantage." However, common-sense protections are also necessary read more>>>

The EU’s Energy Efficiency Directive is a Hammer Blow for Smart Metering in Europe, Warns GlobalData Energy Consultant
Feb 05, 2013 - European countries that can afford electricity smart metering programmes will continue with their plans, but smaller nations and new accession states are now likely to back out of smart metering schemes, as the Energy Efficiency Directive agreed by the EU’s member states late last year significantly waters down the billing and metering requirements found in previous drafts.

Countries yet to complete cost-benefit analyses for electricity (CBAs) include Germany, Poland, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Romania, Bulgaria, Greece, Latvia and Portugal. Belgium, the Czech Republic and Lithuania have already completed negative CBAs and will not be implementing smart metering and smart grids. read more>>>

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Green Building to Drive Electricity Submeter Boom
17 October 2012 - In its latest report, clean energy research firm Pike Energy says demand for electricity submeters is set to grow substantially over the next decade.

Submeters are systems that provide accurate readings of electricity usage to allow utilities to bill building owners – and building owners, in turn, to bill tenants based on individual use – and to allow building owners and tenants to monitor consumption of individual equipment within a building.

While the technology is not new, submetering lies at the heart of a transformation that is seeing owners and managers of commercial, industrial and residential buildings around the world seek to take more control of energy costs using tools and equipment which offer better insight into the way energy is used in their building. read more>>>

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