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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 9 March 2013

Policies sought to incentivize utilities to increase efficiency
March 7, 2013 - Building energy-efficiency codes provide energy-savings opportunities for utilities. In fact, a recent report estimates that upgrades to building energy codes could offset as much as a third of all electricity consumption growth nationally through 2025.

States are increasingly looking to utilities to promote energy efficiency and support building energy codes. A new Cadmus report developed by the Northeast Energy Efficiency Partnerships (NEEP) Evaluation, Measurement and Verification (EM&V) Forum; the Institute for Market Transformation (IMT); and IEE, an institute of the Edison Foundation, now provides evaluation protocols for "Attributing Building Energy Code Savings to Energy Efficiency Programs".

Utility-supported energy codes programs are generally in their infancy and face challenges to adoption and scalability, including the lack of uniform standards for crediting utilities with associated program savings. read more>>>

Project aims to produce bio-diesel from cooking oil in World Cup host cities
26 February 2013 - The Bioplanet project, which is part of the Brazil Promotion Plan for the World Cup, anticipates the production of 25 million litres of biodiesel until the 2014 FIFA World Cup.

The project’s national launch took place yesterday at Rio de Janeiro’s Sustainability Industrial Hub.

The Bioplanet project anticipates the set-up of 40 local production arrangements (APL) in World Cup host cities and team base camps for the production, promotion and use of biodiesel made from cooking oil and residual fat (used cooking oil). read more>>>

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German Energy Storage Association says membership is surging
04 March 2013 - The German Energy Storage Association (BVES), founded in Berlin in late September 2012, is picking up speed and adding new members at an exciting clip, its official said.

In recent weeks, more than 30 institutions and companies have joined the umbrella association for the further development of energy storage.

New members include companies and research institutes such as Fraunhofer IWS Dresden, NEC Europe, Gildemeister Energy Solutions, Hochtief Solutions AG, SMA Solar Technology AG, Clariant, GP Joule, Power One and Vattenfall.

"This huge demand for membership clearly demonstrates that the growing energy storage business sector is looking for organised, professional representation at a national level", said Prof. Eicke R. Weber, Founding President of the BVES. read more>>>

Green growth or deep green economy?
8th March 2013 - The green economy debate has been raging in South Africa for at least five years. ‘Green economy’ is also known as ‘low-carbon transition’, ‘sustainable development’, and so on.

The concept of a ‘green economy’ is not new and one can trace its advent to the 2007/8 financial crisis, during which countries sought to undertake stimulus spending in parts of the economy where it was thought there was some spare capacity for growth and jobs.

Each country has to define the green economy concept for itself and by itself. Sometimes the green economy is like that thing you do not know what it should really look like but you have a feel for it. In South Africa, we have numerous ‘conceptual battles’ regarding what we mean by a green economy but it is still seen as an adjunct issue – something thrown at the economic world by environmentalists. read more>>>

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The Green Economy and the Media: How to Captivate Audiences
07.03.2013 - As the energy turnaround, sustainable consumption, environmental protection and green technologies impact the lives of ever more people, they're also gaining ground in the media. Businesses, too, claim to be stepping up responsible practices. But what is really going on? What must media watch out for in reporting these topics? Most importantly, how can they package sustainability in ways that are understandable and interesting to mass audiences?

In this session, members of the German-language online sustainability information channel "WiWo Green" and colleagues from specialty blogs and international media outlets will discuss these questions. They will cite practical examples and discuss resistance by lobbyists and the public's enthusiasm for a green economy. read more>>>

Microgrid Energy Storage
March 07, 2013 - In a previous article I discussed Community Energy Storage systems that disperse battery banks throughout neighborhoods in order to even out imbalances between energy production and demand. Today we'll look at a similar idea being applied to a microgrid at a military base.

Primus Power, a manufacturer of grid-level energy storage solutions, has received a contract to develop an energy storage system that will be used with a microgrid at the United States Marine Corps Air Station (MCAS) in Miramar, California. A microgrid is a small-scale grid that includes energy generation, distribution, and loads. A microgrid might be connected to the larger grid but it also needs the ability to operate independently. read more>>>

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