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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 4 March 2013

British farmers can benefit from renewable energy says farming union
28 February 2013 - The National Farmers Union (NFU) has said that renewable energy can give hard-pressed farmers a vital income stream with wind energy offering the highest rate of return

The National Farmers Union (NFU) celebrated the first anniversary of its Farm Energy Service recently as record levels of interest in renewable energy were reported among British farmers. Analysis from two British banks, NatWest and RBS, as well as from sector trade association RenewableUK, revealed that farmers generating their own wind energy can earn between £12,000 and £50,000 per year.

The service was first launched at the NFU Conference in 2012 and over its first year of operation has helped over 1,500 farmers to integrate renewable energy systems into their business. read more>>>

Simple Solar Cooker From Pizza Box
March 4, 2013 - Here's a quick and easy way to make a simple solar cooker out of a common pizza box. Good for warming things up:

Chelsea Green Publishing - the leading publisher of sustainable living books since 1985.

Unsubsidized Grid Parity Reached in India
March 03, 2013 - Deutsche Bank just released new analyses concluding that global solar market will become sustainable on its own terms by the end of 2014, no longer needing subsidies to continue performing.

The German-based bank said that rooftop solar is looking especially robust, and sees strong demand in solar markets in India, China, Britain, Germany, India, and the United States. As a result, Deutsche Bank actually increased its forecast for solar demand in 2013 to 30 gigawatts — a 20 percent increase over 2012.

Here’s Renew Economy with a summary of Deutsche Banks’s logic: read more>>>

Environment and Energy Awards finalists announced
27 February 2013 - The shortlist, which has just been announced, includes a broad range of organisations both large and small, recognising outstanding contributions across fifteen different categories

Finalists for the UK Environment and Energy Awards 2013 have just been announced by Sustainability Live, a brand of the Faversham House Group. The awards this year reflect the broad diversity of sustainability projects being developed in the UK including environmental leadership initiatives and technical innovations developed over the past year.

The longest running and most prestigious award, ESTA Energy Manager of the Year, has attracted a large number of entries this year and the shortlist includes Barr Ltd, Redcar and Cleveland Borough Council, Cable & Wireless Worldwide, Scarborough Borough Council, the University of St Andrews and Virgin Active. Other awards include the Sustainable Business of the Year Award with finalists including √Član Hair Design, the Aberdeen-based hair stylists which amongst various initiatives has implemented a conversion to solar energy and provided waste hair to local farms for composting. read more>>>

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Renewable Energy Implementation & Land Use Regulations – Is There Conflict?
Limits and restrictions on land use and property rights often present economic challenges for developers, owners, and contractors involved in the growing renewable energy marketplace. For example, while property owners have the right to utilize the sunshine that strikes their land, there are often limits to their ability to convert that light to electricity, or capture it for heat. Fire codes, utility easements, and local covenants can also result in vastly restricted use of property and added expenses for constructing owning and operating renewable energy (solar, wind, hydro, & biomass) projects. This webinar will highlight many of the challenges that well-meaning rules and regulations create for renewable energy projects and offer comprehensive solutions to minimize or eliminate problems. go here to sign up>>> There are other webinar's and courses at site.

Increasing Global Biomass Pellet and Chip Supply whilst Ensuring Reliability, Sustainability and Cost Effectiveness
This webinar will look at the continued debate around the sustainability of biomass power and biomass supply chains. As the need for extra biomass chips and pellets increases, questions of how demand will impact sustainability standards come to the fore. The webinar will ask how the sector can better promote itself as clean and sustainable in the face of continued, and often ill-founded, controversy regarding its green credentials. Finally, this webinar will also consider how to make sure that these new supply chains are secure and sustainable whilst remaining cost effective. go here to sign up There are other webinar's and courses at site.

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