Sunday, June 2, 2013

Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 2 June 2013

1 June 2013 - Nation's first floating wind turbine launched

VolturnUS, the nation's first floating wind turbine designed to generate electricity from ocean winds, was launched as demand for clean and alternative energy grows. Terrell Brown reports.

Skyline Innovations to Expand Solar Water Heating Efforts with $2M Investment from CCM US and DC Community Ventures
May 31, 2013 -- /PRNewswire/ -- Skyline Innovations, Inc., a national leader in the financing and installation of solar water heating systems, has closed $2 million in mezzanine financing to fund its continued expansion. CCM US, LLC ("CCM"), a Washington, DC based asset management group investing in clean energy and real estate led the investment. Co-investing with CCM is DC Community Ventures, a community development venture capital fund that invests in DC metro companies with significant profit potential that deliver financial returns to investors and social returns to local communities. The $2M total investment will further Skyline's expansion, increase its ability to provide underserved communities with solar and create local job opportunities in construction and project management. read more>>>

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IDS Solar Technologies Issues Update on Solar Survivor Generator
May 31, 2013 (Marketwired via COMTEX) -- IDS Solar Technologies, Inc. (otcqb:IDST) today announced its 2013 Summer product schedule noting an increase in production of its Solar Survivor from 45 units to 150 units. The Solar Survivor was the Company's first model, released earlier this year, and targeted for the consumer and residential market. The Company also highlighted the new features that will be incorporated into the Solar Survivor while maintaining the product's economical value, stealth design, and "Earth-friendly" attributes. The Solar Survivor will continue to provide sustainable energy with no offensive odors or noise which fossil-fuel based generators are known for. read more>>>

ICAPP: Green economy and sustainable growth
June 1, 2013 - Green economy should be synonym of new growth point instead of a burden for Asia. Asian countries should strengthen their reforestation efforts in order to improve environmental conditions while developing their economies. The massive plantation of trees will not only solve the water scarcity problem but also create jobs.

Jose de Venecia, the founding chairman and co-chairman of the Standing Committee of the International Conference of Asian Political Parties (ICAPP), made several remarks concerning the growth of a green economy in Asia, in an exclusive interview with, on Friday, in Xi’an, Northwest China’s Shaanxi province. read more>>>

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Green Economy as a Vehicle for Sustainable Development and Poverty Eradication in the Caribbean
4-6 June 2013 - Saint Lucia - CONFERENCE CONCEPT - To advance thinking and action on green economy in the Caribbean region, the Council of Trade and Economic Development (COTED) from the Caribbean Community (CARICOM) on Environment and Sustainable Development, endorsed the concept note on “Advancing Caribbean States’ Sustainable Development Agenda through Green Economy Policies”, in its Thirty-Seventh Special Meeting held in September 2011. In the same meeting, Caribbean countries agreed that UNEP’s assistance and lead was required in developing a green economy initiative in close collaboration with the Caribbean Community Secretariat and its member states, with inputs from relevant regional and international organizations. read more>>>

Zero Net Energy Center in San Leandro makes green building history
31 March 2013 - Two electrical unions are making green building history by debuting the Zero Net Energy Center — considered the first renovated commercial building in California to achieve zero net energy.

The facility, a 46,000-square-foot, former industrial facility at 14600 Catalina St. was transformed into a training center for electricians and possibly a game changer for the entire green building industry — especially in California, a trailblazer for sustainable building. To reinforce that point, California Governor Jerry Brown is expected to give a keynote address at the building’s opening ceremony Thursday evening. read more>>>

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Shared Solar Bills Pass California Senate, Assembly
June 1st, 2013 - This is getting real, folks. California legislators voted this week to advance two different bills that open up access to solar to the 75+ percent of energy customers who can’t put it on their own roof. Here’s the skinny on the two bills and what we need you to do to make sure shared solar becomes a reality in California this legislative session.

Senate Bill 43, authored by longtime solar champion Senator Lois Wolk, creates a 500MW pilot program that would enable customers of PG&E, SCE, and SDG&E to sign up to participate in shared renewable energy facilities, and receive a credit on their utility bill for the energy produced by their share of the project. SB 43 was approved by the California Senate Thursday on a 27-9 vote. read more>>>

Italy, a growing green economy
June 02, 2013 - At a time when Italy is being called upon to confront structural problems such as the public debt, the North-South gap and stagnant growth, a new idea of the future is needed in order to regain the position we deserve in the international community. Necessarily, we have to depart from the Italy that exists, exploiting its best energies and identifying the roots of a new challenge that will lead to opportunities for change and, first among these, the need to marry economic progress, territorial and social concerns and environmental sustainability.

One response to this challenge lies in the green economy, a new production paradigm that uses environmental impact as an index of the efficiency of economic activity and, more in general, of the competitive capability of the business system. The green economy should be considered not as a sector of the economy but as a new way of governing, organizing, producing and distributing. read more>>>

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