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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 19 June 2013

World Wind Turbines To Cross 300,000 Megawatt Mark
June 17, 2013 - Wind turbines are here to stay. They are increasing in numbers every day, and industry figures show that the amount of energy they are able to generate has reached tremendous levels.

The 19th century belonged to coal, the 20th to oil, and the 21st century belongs to clean energy, with wind energy being one of the foundations of that.

“This is the big one, the centerpiece, the dominant source of energy in the new economy is wind,” believes Lester Brown, a world-leading environmental analyst. read more>>>

Climate change mission shifting focus from prevention to adaptation
06/15/2013 - Efforts to curb global warming have quietly shifted as greenhouse gases inexorably rise.

The conversation is no longer solely about how to save the planet by cutting carbon emissions. It's becoming more about how to save ourselves from the warming planet's wild weather.

It was Mayor Michael Bloomberg's announcement last week of an ambitious plan to stave off New York City's rising seas with flood gates, levees and more that brought this transition into full focus.


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Energy secretary pledges to keep momentum behind solar power
06/17/13 - Energy Secretary Ernest Moniz has vowed to shake a few things up at the Energy Department (DOE) — but the agency’s support for solar power is not one of them.

Moniz put strong faith in solar power during remarks Monday at a Washington, D.C., conference. That continues the trend set forth by his predecessor, Steven Chu, who was a staunch advocate of the renewable energy source.

“I would argue that I believe that the scale and time frame of impact of solar technology, I believe, again, is underestimated,” he said at the U.S. Energy Information Administration-hosted event. “There are many situations today when solar is in fact competitive.” read more>>>

Climate Change-Poverty Link Highlighted In World Bank Report
06/19/13 - The World Bank says it will increasingly view its efforts to help developing countries fight poverty through a "climate lens."

In a report released Wednesday, the international lending institution warned that heat waves, rising seas, more severe storms and other impacts of climate change will trap millions of people in poverty.

As a result, the Washington-based bank said it is stepping up support for efforts to curb climate change and to help the world adapt to it. read more>>>

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Austin, Texas Closes In On 35% Renewable Energy
06/18/2013 - Austin, Texas is about to meet its goal of getting 35% of its energy from renewables, four years before the 2020 target date.

Its utility, Austin Energy, is about to sign contracts for two large-scale wind farms that would bring 570 megawatts (MW) from the Gulf coast. The City of Austin will sign 25-year power purchase agreements to receive the energy at a cost of $1.4 billion.

The cost for the wind energy - estimated at between 2.3 cents to 3.3 cents per kilowatt-hour (kWh) - beats natural gas at 4 cents, which doesn't include building a plant, which is expensive. read more>>>

Making Energy Efficiency Attractive for Owners of Older Seattle Buildings
June 18, 2013 - For commercial building owners, energy-efficiency improvements have had modest appeal.

Switching to less power-hungry light bulbs is relatively easy, and the payoff relatively swift. But replacing furnaces or boilers or reconfiguring the building’s shell involves sinking millions of dollars into an asset that the owner may want to get rid of long before the investment has paid off. read more>>>

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Green Library Facilitates Environmental Education
The green building sector reached another important first with the opening of the world’s first green library for children in Singapore.

The Central Public Library in Singapore, called My Tree House, was recently awarded the Building and Construction Authority’s Green Mark Platinum Award.

The Building and Construction Authority (BCA), a government agency in Singapore, falls under the umbrella of the Ministry of National Development and aims to “champion the development of an excellent built environment for Singapore.” read more>>>

Platt Tech launches E-House green initiative program
June 14, 2013 - The opening ceremony at Platt Tech of the state’s fourth E-House featured several students that participated in the construction of the E-House. During a special ribbon cutting ceremony held on Thursday, June 13 students like Mark Herde, a senior at Platt Tech who took part in equipping E-House joined lawmakers and state officials in ushering in the new program.

“My experience at the E-House has provided me with confidence and real-world skills, which will be beneficial in my future career. With a solid educational foundation like this, I am now able to use my own judgments on-the-job,” said Herde, who plans to attend University of New Haven for Electrical Engineering. read more>>>

The Big Green Business Opportunity For America’s Economy
June 15, 2013 - As the US economy recovers from recession, America’s small businesses need to remember that going green often means making green.

Growth rates for green business products and services are rising faster than conventional goods in America’s economy, outpacing the overall economy through the depths of the recession, and creating opportunity for the 88% of US businesses classified as “microbusinesses” with five or fewer employees. read more>>>

Duke Energy continues to rise in solar electricity rankings
Jun. 17, 2013 - Duke Energy (NYSE: DUK) continues to move up the solar energy charts.

In the recent Solar Electric Power Association (SEPA) utility rankings, Duke Energy was ranked eighth among holding companies in the United States for total solar capacity. Among individual utilities, Duke Energy Progress in North Carolina and South Carolina was ranked eighth nationally for its annual increase in solar. read more>>>

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