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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 12 June 2013

Fulfilling the Promise of Concentrating Solar Power
Low-Cost Incentives Can Spur Innovation in the Solar Market

June 10, 2013 - A proven energy technology with a 30-year track record, concentrating solar power is a promising clean electricity source ripe for development in the United States. read more>>>

Zacks Industry Outlook Highlights: SolarCity, Sempra Energy and Duke Energy
Jun. 10, 2013 - Today, Zacks Equity Research discusses the U.S. Alternative Energy, including SolarCity Corporation, Sempra Energy and Duke Energy Corporation

Environmental advantage: Solar power is the most benign electricity resource. Solar cells generate electricity without air or water emissions, noise, vibration, habitat impact or waste generation. Over time, rapid population growth, depletion of non-renewable conventional sources, and escalating pollution levels will help shape a much more pronounced global focus on renewable projects. read more>>>

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Grand Cancun Eco Island Cleans Up the Ocean While Generating Renewable Energy
06/10/13 - Richard Moreta Castillo has envisioned a grand offshore marine platform on stilts to commemorate the 50th anniversary of beginning of Cancun's development in 2020. Although the design for the mega Grand Cancun eco-complex will include all of the luxury amenities often associated with a project of this scale, including underwater dining and shopping galore, the project's inspiring eco ethos is all-encompassing.

The entire surface of the offshore platform will be covered in solar panels that will provide energy for both Grand Cancun and the main city’s national grid. Vertical wind turbines and underwater tidal wave energy collectors will produce even more clean energy. read more>>>

S1 Solar LED Lamp by d.light Aims to Provide a Brighter Future for Rural Areas in Asia and Africa
06/10/13 - With hopes of replacing hazardous kerosene wick lamps, d.light has created a series of affordable solar LED Lamps for areas without a reliable source of electricity. The lamp has an integrated solar panel and can easily orient itself towards the sun during the day, and provide focused task lighting at night. The compact-yet-powerful S1 Solar LED Lamp is one of the finalists for INDEX Awards 2013 for providing light to millions of homes in Asia and Africa.

d.light, a for-profit social enterprise, was founded Sam Goldman and Ned Tozun from Stanford University, after Goldman witnessed his neighbor’s son get badly burned by an overturned kerosene lamp during his Peace Corps service in Africa. read more>>>

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Giant Solar-Powered Geodesic Robot Walks Into our Nightmares on 12 Crab-Like Legs
06/10/13 - Welder Scott Parenteau has created a gigantic geodesic dome that walks about on 12 creepy crab-like legs! Parenteau’s spider-like “Walking Pod” is powered by a wind turbine and a roof-mounted solar panel, which help support the 800 watts of power needed to move the machine.

Scott Parenteau recently showcased his Walking Pod at Maker Faire – a San Francisco Bay Area event that encourages inventors and tinkerers to push the boundaries of technology and showcase their latest inventions. read more>>>

Geothermal/solar retrofit study receives US Energy Department grant
04 June 2013 - The US Department of Energy has approved a $149,900 grant for the study of differential data from retrofitting a concentrated solar thermal array to the existing geothermal electrical generation system currently installed in Klamath Falls Oregon.

The hybrid facility is to be located on the grounds of the Oregon Institute of Technology (OIT). The addition of the concentrating solar collector to the system will boost the temperature of the geothermal fluid fueling the Organic Rankin Cycle (ORC) engine that drives the 280kW electrical generator. read more>>>

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Local experts, stakeholders explore common ground on solar energy projects
07 June 2013 - The North Carolina Sustainable Energy Association and the North Carolina Solar Center in the US kicked off the first of a five-part series of public events on 31 May designed to culminate in the creation of a template ordinance for solar energy projects.

Among those who gathered at the North Carolina Museum of Natural Science’s Nature Research Center were state and local officials, local landowners, legal experts, and clean energy business representatives. read more>>>

Ingenostrum subsidiary plans 91 MW solar project in northern Chile
06 June 2013 - Helio Atacama Diez SpA, the Santiago-based subsidiary of Spanish solar project developer Ingenostrum, has submitted a proposal to Chilean government for a 90.8 MW PV power plant to be built near the municipality of Taltal.

The $181.8 million project, named Pampa Solar Sur, will utilize solar panels rated at 240-280Wp each, and will have an effective output of 85.65 MW.

Company officials have said they plan to install a total of 90.9 MW in order to offset the losses that occur during the conversion of sunlight into electricity. read more>>>

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Green Tech in New Chevrolet Improves Fuel Economy
Jun 11, 2013 - General Motors' (NYSE: GM) newest version of its popular Chevrolet Malibu model employs green technology for improved fuel economy.

The new vehicle will be able to make a five percent enhancement in fuel economy in city conditions and a three percent enhancement in highway conditions, yielding 23mpg and 35 mpg respectively. Chevrolet will also continue to offer the Malibu ECO boosting eAssist technology. read more>>>

Study shows green business practices lead to higher sales
Jun 11, 2013 - Businesses that report having a higher percentage of green business practices are also seeing higher sales, and much of that stemmed from the Great Recession, according to a study released this month by Green America, EcoVentures International and the Association for Enterprise Opportunity.

A survey of 1,305 small businesses nationwide conducted last summer found that those companies that labeled “deep green” and which took on the most green practices had stronger sales performances than the group of “light green” companies that took on few green initiatives during the recession. read more>>>

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