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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 25 September 2013

Boston a laboratory of energy savings innovation
September 20, 2013 - The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) has ranked 34 of the most heavily populated U.S. cities based on their policies to advance energy efficiency, as well as energy and water utility efforts, concluding that the city of Boston is doing the most to save energy. Not far behind in their energy-efficiency efforts are Portland, Oregon, New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. The next tier of top-scoring cities -- Washington, D.C., Minneapolis, Chicago, Philadelphia and Denver -- have also developed efficiency initiatives and are poised to rise in the rankings in future years, according to ACEEE. read more>>>

An integrated approach to green building
Combining strategies to sustainable building holds the key to cutting energy costs, says Tim Clapham, director at Planon Software

20 Sep 2013 - We are currently in the midst of World Green Building Week, an initiative from the Green Building Council which aims to highlight how sustainable buildings can improve environmental quality as well as create better places to live and work.

With sustainability growing in importance for businesses of all sizes, awareness weeks like these are a good opportunity to get organisations thinking about environmental regulations and their sustainability profile.

Regulations encourage best practice for sustainability

Carrier Convenes International Green Building Experts to Support Sustainable Development in China and India
September 19, 2013 - Two of the most rapidly expanding construction markets in the world are leveraging Carrier's natural leadership to support their growing commitment to green building. Through its prestigious Distinguished Sustainability Lecture Series, Carrier, the world's leader in high technology heating, air-conditioning and refrigeration solutions, has assembled some of the world's most respected green building thought leaders to inform building owners and designers in China and India. Carrier is a part of UTC Climate, Controls & Security, a unit of United Technologies Corp. (NYSE:UTX).

With green building gaining momentum in both countries, the lecture series provided timely insight as China and India strive to meet ambitious sustainability goals. According to the Indian Green Building Council, India has registered more than 1.63 billion square feet of green building space, up from 20,000 square feet in 2003, and is now working to position itself as a global green building leader by 2025. Meanwhile, a McGraw-Hill Construction report notes China, which increased its number of green projects tenfold in just three years, is working to achieve a 16 percent reduction in energy use and a 17 percent reduction in carbon emissions per unit of GDP by 2015. read more>>>

Green thinking
Sep 21, 2013 - Orlando Crowcroft finds out how realistic Qatar’s sustainability goals are in the face of a building boom

It may have become a cliché to describe Qatar as a state that punches above its weight, but whether it is Qatari media network Al Jazeera, foreign policy or the upcoming FIFA 2022 World Cup, it remains a valid one.

And for the construction sector it is no different. At a time when Saudi Arabia remains often impenetrable and complex, construction activity in Dubai and Abu Dhabi remains sporadic. Qatar is alone amongst its Gulf neighbours in providing work for its myriad global pool of contractors. read more>>>

Wind and Weather

A future for green jobs
22 September 2013 - The process of globalisation has, over the years, had its positive points, but it has also caused devastation and great personal hardship to thousands of workers all over the world. The need to streamline international trade by way of kick-starting national economies everywhere has led to a vast vacuum in the field of traditional industries and related skills and a colossal loss of jobs, as the world – and Europe in particular – has helplessly watched on.

During a recent breakfast seminar to discuss the pre-Budget document, GWU secretary-general Tony Zarb rightly brought up the need for a national strategy that is aimed at creating more green jobs to compensate for the haemorrhage that has plagued many a formerly strong economy. read more>>>

Wicked Green: Massachusetts Clean Economy Grows 11.8% To 80,000 Jobs
With the way Massachusetts’ clean energy economy is growing these days, state residents may need to start celebrating a different kind of green than Boston Celtics jerseys.

The Bay State’s clean energy industry kept booming this year, increasing green jobs by 11.8% from 2012 to 2013, according to the 2013 Massachusetts Clean Energy Industry Report.

Green growth has been fast, strong, and diverse across the state, benefitting from smart government policy and a combination of access to finance and cutting-edge research. Add it all up, and you get an economic success story with a sustainable twist. read more>>>

wind turbines

Towards a Green Economy in Europe
23/09/2013 - The European Envirionment Agency has just published the report titled “Towards a Green Economy in Europe: EU environmental policy targets and objectives 2010-2050”.

The ‘green economy’ has emerged as a priority in policy debate in recent years. But what does the concept mean in practice and how can decision-makers measure progress towards this strategic goal? read more>>>

Western states set the nation's renewable energy bar
September 23, 2013 - The Western United States is setting the bar high when it comes to renewable energy, according to the American Council on Renewable Energy's (ACORE) Western Region Report, setting a lead that other regions should follow.

"For well over a decade, the individual states -- in conjunction with the federal government -- have been leading the way in all renewable energy innovation, exploration, investment, and increasing equal market access. In no part of the U.S. is this truer than in the West," said Michael Brower, ACORE's interim president and CEO. read more>>>

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REA joins European renewable industry to call for ambitious 2030 target
18 September 2013 - The UK is the only country involved in the EU ‘Keep on Track’ project that has missed its 2011-12 targets, albeit by a narrow margin, but the country remains in the bottom three countries in the EU renewables league table

The European renewable energy industry is calling upon the European Parliament to implement a legally-binding and ambitious renewable energy framework for 2030. A letter has been sent to the European Parliament President, Martin Schulz, as well as EU Energy Ministers and the EU Energy and Climate Commissioners requesting a 2030 target as part of a “strong and ambitious regulatory framework for the years to come.” read more>>>

Martifer Solar commissions largest solar plant in Latin America
18 September 2013 - The new solar farm in Baja California, Mexico, consists of 132,000 Suntech PV modules mounted on single-axis trackers and will have a production capacity of 82GWh per year

Portugese company Martifer Solar SA has now commissioned the 30MW Aura Solar 1 solar PV plant in Baja California, Mexico, the construction of which was announced earlier in the year. The plant is the largest to be connected to the grid in Latin America and is the first to secure a power purchase agreement with the public utility, Federal Electricity Commission (CFE). The developer, Gauss Energia of Mexico City, will be selling the electricity at a fluctuating price. read more>>>

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