Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 24 September 2013

China launches air pollution battle plan
Sep. 12, 2013 - The Chinese government has announced a multi-pronged plan to tackle the country's air pollution. Faced with increasing public concern China will cut coal use, shut down polluters and promote cleaner production in a bid to clean up the air under the plan.

The government aims to cut the density of particulate matter by at least 10 percent in major cities nationwide by 2017. PM 2.5, a key indicator of air pollution, should fall by about 25 percent from 2012 levels in Beijing and surrounding provincial areas by 2017, according to the plan. read more>>>

Developing nanowires for solar cells
Sep. 16, 2013 - The next generation of solar cells may be flexible, transparent and more energy efficient, says Silvija Gradečak, the Thomas Lord Associate Professor in Materials Science and Engineering, whose Laboratory for Nanophotonics and Electronics at MIT is working to develop semiconducting nanowires for solar cells, as well as for light emitting diodes (LEDs) that can replace inefficient light bulbs.

“Nanostructured materials would enable development of solar cells that are flexible, can be produced in large scale using roll to roll processing, and are potentially transparent, meaning that we could use them on surfaces like windows, cars, etc. read more>>>

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Maintenance free domestic wind turbines released
Sep. 16, 2013 - We have improved our SW3-5 domestic wind turbines models. Our small wind turbines are now maintenance-free!.

Since their origins, our domestic wind turbines have not had any mechanical part susceptible to requiere high periodically scheduled maintenance. This fact has permited our small wind tubines to had a reduced maintenance: read more>>>

Sustainability measures observed during campus construction
Sep 18, 2013 - During the construction on campus, sustainability and environmental friendliness issues are brought into question.

“I don’t think anyone does enough (to be environmentally friendly),” said John Horowitz, a senior music composition major.

Horowitz is originally from Santa Cruz, and he said that living directly in downtown San Jose is very different from his hometown. read more>>>

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Biotricity, secures agreement on feedstock supplies for biomass plant in Irish midlands
18 September 2013 - Irish renewable company, Biotricity Ltd. has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with the Irish Farmers' Association covering the purchase and management of straw feedstock for its Rhode, Co. Offaly biomass plant in the Irish midlands.

The plant, Ireland's first biomass electricity facility, is scheduled to come into production in late 2015. However, initial purchases of straw under the contract will occur in 2014, with the material being used for plant testing and commissioning purposes. read more>>>

NOVEC biomass plant successfully generates electricity in initial test run
13 September 2013 - The NEPHCB generation station will generate up to 49.9MW of renewable electricity for NOVEC customers in Southern Virginia

A biomass plant in Halifax County, Virginia, has successfully generated renewable electricity in its first test. The NOVEC Energy Production, Halifax County Biomass plant (NEPHCB) has been developed by NOVI Energy but is owned by the Northern Virginia Electric Cooperative (NOVEC). It was finally connected to the PJM regional electric transmission grid on September 11th at 11.11 am during testing. However, the companies expect that pre-commercial operation testing and inspection of plant systems will continue for several more weeks yet. read more>>>

With the Rise of Residential Solar, Utilities Are Divided
September 18th 2013 - As some utilities remain on the fence about solar, and others are fighting against it, utilities in New York and California are embracing solar power.

While the legal battles between solar advocates and utilities could very well impact the future of residential and commercial solar power, there are some utilities out there that are aligning their interests solar energy, Yale ​Environment 360 reported.

"The industry is divided on how to deal with the opportunity - or threat," says Nat Kreamer, Clean Power Finance's CEO. "Some utilities are saying, how do I make money off distributed solar, as opposed to, how do I fight distributed solar." read more>>>

Low Costs and Big Scale: Welcome to The New Era of Solar
September 19th, 2013 - Solar’s high price tag once limited its use to those willing or required to pay more for cleaner power — but that’s quickly changing. A dramatic drop in panel prices means we are now in a new era of solar: one in which solar technology costs are no longer the major barrier to scale.

Last week we were joined by researchers from our national labs – NREL and LBNL – for a webinar on that very subject. The new briefing they presented, “Photovoltaic System Pricing Trends: Historical, Recent, and Near-Term Projections (2013),” draws on several ongoing research activities at the two labs, including: read more>>>

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Affordable Solar-Powered Floating Village Planned for Edinburgh
09/22/13 - While floating homes have been the norm in the Netherlands for many years, they’re just starting to gain in popularity in the UK. Houseboats are increasingly dotting the Thames in London, and waterborne developments are currently in the works for post-industrial areas of Glasgow and Liverpool. Now one company—SRT EcoBuild—is looking to establish a village of floating homes in the waterways of Leith, Edinburgh. These modest, energy efficient two-bedroom homes will utilize solar power and sell for significantly less than homes of an equivalent size in the ever-pricey Scottish capital.

Tom King, Managing Director of SRT EcoBuild explained to the Scotsman “Our vision is to create low-carbon, energy- efficient homes on either land or on water, and in the waterways of Leith we believe we have found one of the most attractive sites for our project.” Located in the former commercial quays, it would utilize the waterways in North Edinburgh and potentially assist in the further revitalization of the neighborhood. read more>>>

Offshore Energy Industry Proves to Be Employment Mecca in UK
September 19, 2013 - RenewableUK released an updated study into employment in wind and marine energy in the United Kingdom. Working for a Green Britain and Northern Ireland reveals that together these important growth industries – wind, wave, and tidal energy – now directly employ 18,465 people full time, a 74% increase in jobs since 2010.

The report shows that the offshore wind sector saw the biggest growth between 2010 and 2013, with the number of direct jobs doubling from 3,151 to 6,830. When including indirect jobs (companies that supply goods and services to the sector, such as gearbox component manufacturers) the wind, wave and tidal energy industries support the employment of over 34,000 people. read more>>>

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