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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 14 September 2013

SunWize Constructs Solar Installation for San Francisco VA Medical Center
September 10, 2013 - SunWize Technologies, Inc., a global engineering, procurement and construction company and a premier distributor of sustainable energy products, completed a solar canopy installation for the San Francisco VA Medical Center. The solar electric installation is one of many renewable energy projects at VA facilities across the United States. The Veterans Administration has commissioned these projects as part of its ongoing Energy and Water Management Program.

“The Veterans Administration performed renewable energy studies to determine which of its facilities were best suited for the use of renewable energy technologies,” said Emmanuel Bernal, Energy Manager for the San Francisco VA Medical Center. read more>>>

Grid-Scale Batteries Make Sense for Solar Energy, But Not Wind, Study Says
September 10th, 2013 - When renewable energy sources such as solar and wind farms generate more electricity than consumers need, storing the excess doesn’t always make sense, say researchers from Stanford University.

Large, grid-scale batteries capable of storing the extra electricity are resource-intensive and costly to manufacture and maintain — sometimes more so than the energy they’re used to store.

“You wouldn’t spend a $100 on a safe to store a $10 watch,” read more>>>

First Uses of New Solar Energy Technology: Killing Germs On Medical, Dental Instruments
Sep. 9, 2013 — A revolutionary new solar energy technology that turns water into steam without boiling the entire container of water has become the basis for new devices to sanitize medical and dental instruments and human waste in developing countries, scientists said.

Prototypes of the devices, which need no electricity or fuel, were the topic of one of the keynote addresses at the opening of the 246th National Meeting & Exposition of the American Chemical Society (ACS). read more>>>

Politics of microgrids: Power and regulations
Sep 10, 2013 - With the ravages and power outages of hurricanes Irene and Sandy seared in recent memory, soon, a public school, a small private grocery store and a gas station in Hartford, Conn., will be linked by a microgrid designed to keep the electricity flowing in those buildings when the next major storm hits.

Hartford city officials consider the school, store, gas station and connected senior center and library critical services that need to be fully operational the next time the grid fails. Hurricanes — their destructive force fueled in part because of climate change — and major storms hitting the Northeast in recent years have forced cities and states to re-think how to make their electric power delivery systems less vulnerable, and microgrids are a major part of that. read more>>>

Wind and Weather

Microgrid has UC San Diego Generating 92 Percent Of Its Own Power
September 9, 2013 - The man hired by billionaire Larry Ellison to turn Lanai into a renewable energy laboratory has already done something similar at the University of California, San Diego.

The school generates 92 percent of its own power, drawing on gas turbines, methane from the campus wastewater treatment plant, solar panels and other sources.

Byron Washom, who is the university’s director of strategy energy initiatives, told a panel at the Asia Pacific Clean Energy Summit and Expo on Monday that managing this microgrid is like conducting an orchestra. read more>>>

Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm officially opened
07 September 2013 - Anholt offshore wind farm consists of 111 Siemens wind turbines with a total capacity of 400MW

Denmark’s largest offshore wind farm located off the eastern coast of the country near Anholt has been officially opened. Dignitaries in attendance at the event included the Danish Prime Minister Helle Thorning-Schmidt, Her Majesty Queen Margrethe II of Denmark, His Royal Highness Prince Henrik Prince Consort of Denmark and Fritz Schur, chairman of the Board of Directors for DONG Energy. read more>>>

wind turbines

Saudi Arabia's impending support scheme for renewable energy takes center stage at meeting
10 September 2013 - The Kingdom of Saudi Arabia's plan to introduce a support scheme for renewable energy took center stage today at the 2nd PV Briefing & Networking Forum Saudi Arabia.

The event, which was held in Riyadh, was jointly organized by the Saudi Arabia Solar Industry Association (SASIA), Joint Forces for Solar, EuPD Research and Intersolar. read more>>>

New legislation to streamline small-scale hydropower development
September 10, 2013 - On August 9, 2013, President Obama signed into law HR 267, the Hydropower Regulatory Efficiency Act, and HR 678, the Bureau of Reclamation Small Conduit Hydropower Development and Rural Jobs Act. The newly enacted laws will relieve some of the regulatory constraints that have impeded the development of small scale hydropower production in recent years.

In short, HR 267 changes select Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) regulations to make it easier to develop smaller output hydropower stations. HR 678 authorizes Bureau of Reclamation conduit facilities for hydropower development under Federal Reclamation law. Each new law will facilitate the development of small hydropower production. read more>>>

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Evidence proves green building worth the investment
11 September, 2013 - Sustainable building no longer has to prove its economic worth - the business case more than stacks up in terms of lower operating and life cycle costs, and improved value for owners.

The Business Case for Green Building, a comprehensive report published by the World Green Building Council, shows that green construction doesn’t need to cost more than conventional building - and where there is a cost premium, energy and other savings typically more than make up for that within a reasonable payback period.

Recent New Zealand research into the construction costs of 17 Green Star buildings, has shown in general they don’t cost more than conventional buildings, with some costing as much as a third lessi. read more>>>

Work on 'green' school well underway in Sudbury
September 10, 2013 - MacLeod Public School, the Rainbow board's latest green school, is expected to be completed by the end of the fall, said the school board's director of education, Norm Blaseg.

The Rainbow Board has budgeted, with help from a provincial grant, $17.4 million to build the 60,000-square-foot school. It will be able to accommodate 600 students from junior kindergarten to Grade 8.

Blaseg said the plan is to move in the primary students -- from junior kindergarten to Grade 2 -- by Christmas. Those students are currently attending classes in an annex on the MacLeod site. Blaseg added they could be moved to the new building as late as March break. read more>>>

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