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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 1 August 2013

Gina McCarthy: Climate change poses economic threat
7/31/13 - Climate change isn’t an environmental problem — it’s an economic problem, EPA Administrator Gina McCarthy said Tuesday.

McCarthy doubled down on President Barack Obama’s call for broad climate regulations in tandem with economic growth, making that the theme of her first speech since she was confirmed two weeks ago. read more>>>

US investors show climate clout
July 30, 2013 - Shareholders in the US are showing growing concern about their investments in companies exposed to climate change-related risks, according to new data released by Ceres, a U.S. organization that promotes more sustainable business practices.

The annual round of corporate shareholder meetings – referred to in the US as the proxy season – has recently ended. Ceres says that at those meetings a total of 110 shareholder climate change and environmental sustainability-related resolutions were filed with 94 US-based companies: issues covered by the resolutions included concerns about hydraulic fracturing, flaring and both the environmental and financial risks of further exploitation of fossil fuel reserves. read more>>>

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State wind-power efforts need a boost in construction of electric power lines
July 30 2013 - Kansas is undoubtedly a windy state, but it is not yet the “Saudi Arabia of Wind” that Republican Gov. Sam Brownback wants it to be.

Kansas has more wind energy potential than any state except Texas, but eight states generate more total megawatts of wind power — even as Brownback and his legislature have taken steps to boost Kansas’s wind industry. A key problem: a lack of high-voltage electric lines to connect the remote areas where turbines churn out power to the bustling regions that demand it. read more>>>

Climate Change Report: As Michigan warms, cotton instead of cherry and grape crops? Bass instead of trout? Big rains and less snow?
28 July 2013 - If scientists are right, summer in Michigan by the end of this century will feel like that of a distant state. Think northern Arkansas.

A report on climate change by the Union of Concerned Scientists foresees 30 to 50 days a year in Detroit with temperatures above 90 degrees. Days of extreme heat – over 97 degrees – could increase fivefold. Incidents of extreme storms and flooding will rise, the report predicts. Lake levels will drop. Wetlands will shrink. read more>>>

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US wind industry poised for robust recovery
01 Aug 2013 - The US wind energy industry is poised for a dramatic recovery over the next 12 months, despite the market grinding to a standstill during the first half of this year.

New figures released this week by the American Wind Energy Association (AWEA) confirm that the high profile row in Congress at the end of 2012 over whether or not to extend the Production Tax Credit (PTC) had a chilling effect on the market. read more>>>

Maryland Sets Clear Climate, Clean Energy Policy
July 31st, 2013 - Maryland Governor Martin O’Malley continues to lead the way on climate and clean energy policy. On Thursday, he unveiled Maryland’s new Greenhouse Gas Emissions Reduction Act (GGRA) Plan. Gov. O’Malley’s plan raises the targets for renewable energy, energy efficiency and peak energy demand reduction, while re-affirming Maryland’s membership in the Northeast Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative (RGGI). The plan adds new climate programs relating to transportation and forestry, and a new aspirational goal to make Maryland a zero-waste state.

Maryland is particularly vulnerable to climate change with 3,000 miles of shoreline along scenic Chesapeake Bay. read more>>>

City of Palo Alto, California to Switch to 100% Renewable Energy Sources
07/26/13 - This week the city council in Palo Alto, California voted in favor of sourcing all the town’s energy needs from clean, renewable sources. Effective immediately, the city will use 100% carbon-free electricity. And best of all, the move towards 100% clean energy won’t cost Palo Alto residents much; The town estimates that the switch will add just $3 per year to the average homeowner’s energy bill

Palo Alto owns all of its own utilities, which makes it easy for the town to control where its energy is coming from. read more>>>

Solar Could Help Australia Phase Out Coal Power by 2040
July 24, 2013 - Australia could phase out almost all its fossil-fuel sourced electricity by 2040 if it doubled the current rate of take-up of solar energy and wind energy maintained its current growth pace, said Professor Ken Baldwin, director of ANU's Energy Change Institute.

While advances should be made "on all fronts", including nuclear power, to shift the energy sector away from carbon-intensive coal and gas sources to avoid dangerous climate change, renewable energy could provide all but a couple of per cent of Australia's electricity in under three decades, he said, citing data from ANU's Centre for Sustainable Energy Systems. read more>>>

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New York to the Nation: Here's How to Create Green Jobs
28 July 2013 - A few years ago, Urban Agenda (now ALIGN) and the Center for American Progress released the New York City Green Collar Jobs Roadmap, the culmination of a 1.5 year long process called the New York City Green Collar Jobs Roundtable. The process analyzed several aspects of the green economy, bringing together unions, community-based organizations, workforce development providers, environmental justice organizations, progressive businesses, and others to develop a shared vision for how an inclusive and thriving green economy could be implemented in New York City. read more>>>

Politics is a barrier to decarbonisation says Zero Carbon Britain
23 July 2013 - Zero Carbon Britain (ZCB) has found in its third report that politics and society are holding the UK back from achieving a modern decarbonised energy sector

ZCB is led by the environmental charity Centre for Alternative Technology based at Machynlleth in Wales. Its third report makes clear that although Britain has the technology to create a decarbonised energy sector the opportunity to do so is being held back by politics and society. read more>>>

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