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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 23 October 2013

Report shows utilities have been busy with smart grid
October 16, 2013 - EPRI has published a five-year update report for its Smart Grid Demonstration Initiative, a seven-year collaborative research effort focused on design, implementation, and assessment of field demonstrations to address prevalent challenges with integrating distributed energy resources in grid and market operations to create a Virtual Power Plant.

As part of the update, FirstEnergy has launched an Integrated Control Platform Visualization project, which provides an integrated view of data and information from various distribution assets to assist operations. Data from four devices is displayed via the system: direct load control devices, distribution line sensors, substation meters, and ice storage for permanent peak load shifting. read more>>>

Buildings emerging as extension of smart grid
October 16, 2013 - A new report from the National Home Performance Council (NHPC) looks at the evolution and future of smart technology as a means to enhance energy efficiency and home performance to break down the silos between traditional energy efficiency and smart grid policies and programs, but currently only a handful of efforts to incorporate smart technologies into home performance have been undertaken.

Utilities benefit from educated and savvy consumers who understand how their behavior impacts energy use as a result of new technologies that can monitor, analyze, and communicate energy use. read more>>>

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Mozambique Government Approves Action Plan For Green Economy
Oct 17 2013 - The Mozambique government has approved its Plan of Action for the Green Economy (PAEV) for 2013/2014, Mozambique News Agency (AIM) reported.

The government defines a green economy as one that results in improved wellbeing and social equality while significantly reducing environmental risk and ecological scarcity.

The government advocates a cleaner, lower carbon economy that is efficient in the use of resources and socially inclusive.

Deputy Minister for the Coordination of Environmental Action, Ana Chichava, said this week the plan envisages sustainable use of natural resources through the integration of three pillars of sustainable development: economic, social and environmental. read more>>>

Gartner: India’s green IT, sustainability spend to touch $29 billion
OCT 16 2013 - India's spending on green IT and sustainability initiatives will reach $29.2 billion in 2013, a 17.6 per cent rise from $24.8 billion spent last year.

Businesses and investors in India are slowly waking up to green and sustainability issues, policy-makers are clearly pushing for changes that will likely set the tone for green and sustainable, low-carbon economic growth in the country in the coming years, according to a study by Gartner.

Policy initiatives and regulatory measures from the Indian Government will be the key drivers for implementation of some of the technologies (such as advanced metreing infrastructure, carbon capture and sequestration, an intelligent transportation system, and solar energy technology) necessary to usher in low-carbon sustainable growth, the research and analyst firm said in its report ‘Hype Cycle for Green IT and Sustainability in India, 2013’. read more>>>

Wind power gains favor in Ohio
Oct. 18, 2013 - Wind energy generation in Ohio has jumped since 2008 with new wind turbine clusters, an industry group said Friday.

The American Wind Energy Association said that wind is responsible for nearly $775 million in investment in the state as of 2012. From 2008 until 2012, Ohio wind power generation went from 7.4 megawatts to 428 megawatts, or from enough to power 1,300 homes to more than 100,000 homes. The number of utility-size turbines went from five to 428.

In 2012, wind made up 0.8 percent of total energy production in the state, according to federal figures. As of 2012, coal supplied 67 percent of Ohio’s energy needs and natural gas is at 17 percent, read more>>>

Clarke Energy & Agri-gen creating renewable energy from waste heat
Oct. 10, 2013 - Clarke Energy has secured its first order for a revolutionary technology that creates electricity from waste heat. Agri-gen a developer of anaerobic digestion plants has signed an order with Clarke Energy to supply the system to its Rendlesham anaerobic digester in Ipswich.

Clarke Energy secures its first orders for two of GE’s Clean Cycle* heat to power generators
Under the local temperature conditions the two units will boost total output by 228kW, equivalent to 540 standard UK homes.
Units will raise the electrical efficiency of the gas to power plant from 43.0 to 46.2% generating significant additional revenue from biogas feed in tariffs.

In early 2013 Clarke Energy supplied and commissioned a 3MW biogas engine at Agri-gen’s Rendlesham anaerobic digestion plant at Bentwater Park, Ipswich. read more>>>

Nine energy-efficiency policy proposals
October 17, 2013 - Even though more and more countries are becoming involved in energy-efficiency policies, numerous factors have affected energy-efficiency progress globally, there has been a general slowdown in energy-efficiency improvements, according to research from the World Energy Council (WEC) and France's energy and environment agency, ADEME.

The worldwide interest demonstrates that most governments are concerned about energy efficiency. According to the research, about 80 percent of the countries surveyed have quantitative efficiency targets -- up from 40 percent six years ago. read more>>>

Hydropower least risky renewable
October 17, 2013 - Hydropower is one of the least risky investments when compared to other renewables with the global cumulative hydropower capacity installed increasing from 1,065 GW in 2012 to 1,407 GW in 2020 and investments reaching $75 billion, according to research and consulting firm GlobalData.

In 2020, the company forecast the total to be comprised of 1,052 GW of large hydro capacity, 215 GW of pumped storage and 140 GW of small hydropower. read more>>>

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Boeing, South African Airways launch aviation bio-fuel effort
16 October 2013 - Boeing and South African Airways (SAA) have agreed to work together to develop and implement a sustainable aviation bio-fuel supply chain in Southern Africa, a first for the continent.

The companies signed a Memorandum of Understanding for sustainable aviation bio-fuel supply chain development at The Corporate Council on Africa's 9th Biennial U.S.-Africa Business, attended by executives from leading U.S. and African firms and government representatives from several countries. read more>>>

UCLA engineers develop more efficient pathway to converting sugars into bio-fuels
07 October 2013 - Researchers at the University of California, Los Angeles have created a new synthetic metabolic pathway for breaking down glucose that they say could lead to a 50 percent increase in the production of bio-fuels.

The pathway developed by the chemical engineers is intended to replace the natural metabolic pathway known as glycolysis, a series of chemical reactions that nearly all organisms use to convert sugars into the molecular precursors that cells need.

Glycolysis converts four of the six carbon atoms found in glucose into two-carbon molecules known acetyl-CoA, a precursor to biofuels like ethanol and butanol, as well as fatty acids, amino acids and pharmaceuticals. However, the two remaining glucose carbons are lost as carbon dioxide. read more>>>

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