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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 13 October 2013

Solar energy becoming popular around Volusia-Flagler
October 6, 2013 - Whether out of frustration with ever-rising electric bills or out of a kind-hearted concern for Mother Nature, thousands of Volusia and Flagler county residents have turned to solar as an alternative energy source for their homes.

For Whitney Pirnat of Palm Coast, it was an Earth-conscious decision.

“I'm a really green person, if you will,” she said. I figured that was a good way to not waste energy.” read more>>>

Report ranks US cities' efforts to save energy
The American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy (ACEEE) released its 2013 City Energy Efficiency Scorecard, a report that ranks 34 of the most populous US cities on policies to advance energy efficiency.

The report includes recommendations and strategies for all cities to lower energy use. ACEEE also launched a new interactive infographic accompanying the report that highlights each city's best practices and scores.

Boston took top honors, doing the most to save energy. Other top-scoring cities include Portland, Ore., New York City, San Francisco, Seattle and Austin. read more>>>

Massive wind turbine test facility in US nearing completion
03 October 2013 - A four-story gearbox and giant steel connecting ring were due to arrive today at what, upon its completion, will be the world's largest wind turbine testing facility.

The gigantic gear will be installed at Clemson's Wind Turbine Drive Train Testing Facility North Charleston, a coastal community in the US state of California.

Once in place, it will be part of a 400-ton unit capable of testing drive trains for turbines that can produce 15 MW of power. read more>>>

The Green Economy Reports: Energy from Waves' Ebb and Flow
October 02, 2013 - The Green Economy's latest issue on "Water, Clean and Plentiful" reports that tidal energy, energy collected from the ebb and flow of the tides, has the potential to become a major source of energy in the near future.

Recent developments with the technology have shown that tidal energy has more than just the advantages it shares with other forms of renewable energy: it solves the problems other technologies don’t.

Harnessing Tidal Energy

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The Green economy is Europe's ticket to the post-crisis world
07 October 2013 - The European crisis-management was at each turn at best accidental and the challenges facing the EU five years down the road are great. But European leaders could turn this ever-threatening crisis into a meaningful transition if they focus on developing a 'green economy', writes √Čloi Laurent.

√Čloi Laurent is a senior research fellow at OFCE/Sciences Po and a visiting scholar and professor at the Center for European Studies and Environmental Science and Public Policy Concentration at Harvard University.

There is very little to be cheerful about five years into our “great recession”: financial markets are more than ever a fertile ground for global crisis; government have as modest power to control them and less resources to clean up their mess; Americans and Europeans in their vast majority find themselves marred in a “great regression” of their standards of living and expectations. read more>>>

Green light for Wainfleet wind turbine farm
October 7, 2013 - A nine-megawatt industrial wind turbine farm in Wainfleet is going ahead.

Construction on five 95-metre-tall turbines is expected to start immediately after Wainfleet Wind Energy Inc. was given its Renewable Energy Approvals by the Ministry of the Environment Monday.

The turbines are being built on private land as part of a consortium between Loeffen Farms and Rankin Construction.

“We’re beside ourselves happy. It’s a great step ahead,” said John Andrews, president of IPC Energy, which is developing the project for Wainfleet Wind Energy. read more>>>

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Solar farm comes to Orange County
10/08/13 - Though Orange County homeowners might not notice a difference, their power is now coming from a much cleaner energy source.

Solar energy provider Strata Solar completed construction of a solar farm in Chapel Hill’s White Cross community two weeks ago.

The solar farm is on 35 acres and will generate enough electricity to power approximately 600 to 800 homes a year. The energy generated by the farm will be distributed to Duke Energy customers. read more>>>

Team Capitol DC's Net-Zero Harvest Solar Decathlon Home is Wrapped With an Edible Garden
10/02/13 - With this year's DOE Solar Decathlon featuring 19 homes competing for the title of most efficient solar-powered home, competition is fierce – but we've already got our eye on one of the entries that has all the makings of a winner. The Harvest Home by Team Capitol DC makes use of every available resource including sun, energy, water, wind, vegetation, and recycled materials. Apart from healing the environment by designing a net-zero home, the team are also hoping to heal the occupant within. Check out some of the features that took our breath away as we walked around this stunning sustainable home.

Almost entirely surrounded by edible and native plants, the landscaping blurs the line between interior and exterior environments, doubling the amount of usable space, and creating an expansive sense of openness. read more>>>

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Solar One Volunteers at Solar Installation in Far Rockaway
October 8, 2013 - Last week, Grid Alternatives launched their Solar Affordable Housing Program in the New York region by bringing clean, affordable solar power to three Sandy-affected families in Far Rockaway. Grid Alternatives was founded in 2001 by Erica Mackie and Tim Sears and already has eight offices throughout California and Colorado. By leading teams of volunteers, they are able to install solar electric systems for low-income applicants as well as provide job training and experience to those interested in learning about solar installations.

Several Solar One staff members spent last Friday installing 9.4 kW solar panels and micro-inverters on a family home in Queens that had been severely damaged by Hurricane Sandy last fall. read more>>>

Upsolar-powered Microgrid Supports Bangladeshi Community
Energy Assistance France and Friendship team up to address energy poverty

Oct 09, 2013 - Upsolar, a leading international provider of solar PV modules, is now producing clean electricity for Khamarbahpata school and Nowshala school, (130 children between 10-15 years of age), in rural Bangladesh. Energy Assistance France (EAF), a volunteer organization associated with the Cofely Ineo Group of GDF Suez that assists communities lacking access to electricity, provided 1.38 kW of Upsolar's modules to Friendship, a Bangladesh-based NGO focused on economic development, for use in the school's microgrid project.

The Upsolar-powered system provides enough electricity to light the entire complex, and features charging stations for communal use. read more>>>

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