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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 20 May 2013

The Military Microgrid as Smart Grid Asset
Fort Bliss, Texas becomes first DOD microgrid to hook up to the grid. What’s next?

May 17, 2013 - Never-fail military microgrids are breaking new ground in distributed energy management. Now one of them is getting connected to the grid at large.

That’s the news from Fort Bliss, Texas, where the U.S. Army and Lockheed Martin cut the symbolic ribbon Thursday on the first Department of Defense grid-tied microgrid. The project, started in 2010, uses renewable energy (a 120-kilowatt solar array) and energy storage (a 300-kilowatt battery system), as well as the base’s existing backup generators, and ties it into a miniature grid via Lockheed’s Intelligent Microgrid Control System. read more>>>

Voltaic Celebrates Bike to Work Day with Portable Solar-Charging Trailer You Can Rent!
05/17/13 - Today is National Bike to Work Day, and all across America, people are ditching their cars and trucks for a cleaner, healthier journey via bicycle. Our friends at Voltaic Systems joined in the fun to support NYC’s Bike to Work Day, and it’s no surprise that they added their own solar-powered flair to the day’s festivities. Company staffers decked out a commuter bicycle and with a custom-built bike trailer carrying 60+ Watts of portable solar panels, 180 Watt hours of charging capacity, and lots of connectors to charge up smartphones, tablets and even a MacBook, in an effort to show New Yorkers how much fun can be had when human and solar power are combined.

Wondering how they crammed so much charging power into this unique bike trailer? read more>>>

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‘Solar Suitcase’ Saves Mothers & Babies Lives by Providing a Vital Light Source During Childbirth
05/13/13 - In the developing world, giving birth can be a dangerous affair. Mortality rates are high for expectant mothers, mainly in third world countries, reaching 300,000 deaths each year. While women are encouraged to seek medical care before and during labor, poverty, and the need to travel long distances on foot, make prenatal and delivery visits extremely challenging. Even when patients are able to reach a facility, electricity can be non-existent, forcing caregivers to help deliver or perform surgery by the light of a cellphone or wait until daybreak. Dr. Laura Stachel and her husband Hal Aronson created WE CARE Solar to bring the most basic and important technology to hospitals in need of light. read more>>>

Peak Solar Getting Boost From Solar Kits Sold in Hawaii
Solar incentives in Hawaii spur growth in Solar Kits.

May 17, 2013 - Peak Solar has seen boost in Solar Kits in the Hawaiian Islands due to new incentives. This legislation has implemented several solar friendly policies and incentives, spurring enormous growth in the number of residential and commercial photovoltaic systems throughout the state.

"These initiatives will have a direct impact for Peak Solar's customers in the Hawaii. Potential customer within the state will be able to take advantage of the rebate and tax credit thus decreasing there overall payback of solar system under 2 years," said John Bucher VP Sales at Peak Solar. read more>>>

Renewable Energy: Sources and Methods

Belarus to build windpower plant under EU Green Economy project
18.05.2013 - A windpower plant will be built near Novogrudok as part of the Belarus-EU international technical assistance project “Green Economy in Belarus”, Minister of Natural Resources and Environment Vladimir Tsalko told media after a ceremony of signing the agreement on financing the project at the total tune of €12 million. On the EU’s behalf the document was signed by Head of the EU Delegation to Belarus Ambassador Maira Mora, BelTA has learnt.

“Nearly €5 million from the funds allocated under the project will be put into the implementation of a pilot project to construct a windpower plant near Novogrudok in order to determine the efficiency of using wind energy in the country and demonstrate its potential,” Vladimir Tsalko said. read more>>>

Yonkers adopts green building standards
17 May 2013 - The city has set new standards to keeps its buildings green.

The Yonkers City Council this week unanimously approved a bill requiring all municipal properties to be constructed or renovated according to new Green Building Standards designed to help conserve natural resources, boost energy efficiency and cut operating costs.

Under the legislation, construction and building rehab projects proposed by the city have to score at least 35 and 30 points, respectively, on a “green development checklist” to be approved. read more>>>

Alternative Energy for Dummies

Mumbai takes the lead in green housing projects
May 19, 2013 - Quicker govt clearance is drawing more developers to plan environment-friendly buildings.

More green residences are coming up in Mumbai over the past couple of years since the state has made it easier for these projects; higher costs may not be an issue much longer.

According to experts with the Indian Green Building Council (IGBC), of the 2 billion square feet of green construction projects across the country, a quarter are registered in Mumbai. read more>>>

Bangladesh Hits 1 Million Solar Home Systems
May 19, 2013 - A few months back Nancy Wimmer told us about Bangladesh’s solar success. In one of the poorest countries on earth a renewable energy company, Grameen Shakti, is busy installing nearly 1,000 solar home systems each day. It turns out all that small solar has achieved something quite big. In November Grameen Shakti hit 1 Million Solar Home Systems (SHS) installed. The company’s milestone reinforces a lesson that is increasingly clear. Whether it’s Germany, the US, or even China distributed solar installations are driving the solar revolution.

The Bangladesh story however, is particularly exciting because Grameen has singlehandedly shattered the energy ‘axioms’ on which the international policy community has relied for decades: read more>>>

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