Thursday, April 18, 2013

Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 18 April 2013

Hundreds of green businesses for Big Eco Show
Hundreds of businesses are expected to descend on the Centre for Life this Thursday 18 April to find out more on how the green economy can help them.

The Big Eco Show will bring together and showcase businesses from across the region and will focus on how they can grow and build their resilience within the green economy.

It is being organised by Daisy Green Media & Events and ClimateNE following the overwhelming success of the region’s first ever Big Eco Show, which was held last September in Sunderland. read more>>>

Evergreen's Richard Burbank Kicks off Earth Day Forum
April 17, 2013 - “Maine is moving forward toward a green economy,” reports Evergreen Home Performance founder and CEO Richard Burbank. He will share that good news, tell stories from the field, and answer questions about energy efficiency at the Energy Efficiency Forum hosted by the Midcoast Green Sneakers Project this week. Everyone is invited to attend the Forum at Rockland City Hall, Thursday, April 18, from 7-8:30 p.m.

“Weatherization has already made a significant impact on energy savings in Maine, and the results keep building,” says Burbank. read more>>>

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Australia urged to formally recognise climate change refugee status
Refugee Council says new category would protect those fleeing the effects of global warming and warns Australian government to prepare for thousands forced from low-lying Pacific islands

16 April 2013 - Australia, a close neighbour of small, low-lying South Pacific states at the frontline of climate change, should be the first country to formally recognise climate change refugees, the country's main refugee advisory body has said.

The Refugee Council of Australia has told the Australian government that it should create a new refugee category for those fleeing the effects of climate change so that they can be offered protection similar to those escaping war or persecution. read more>>>

British children 'deeply concerned' about the impact of climate change
17 April 2013 - Survey reveals 11 to 16-year-olds are worried about how global waming will affect them, as well as children in poorer nations

British children are deeply concerned about the impact of climate change on their own lives and those of children on poorer nations, according to a new poll for Unicef.

Three-quarters of 11 to 16-year-olds were worried about how global warming will change the world and wanted the government to do more to tackle the threat. But the results come as the row increased over the dropping of debate over climate change from the national curriculum for under-14s' geography classes, with the delivery of a 65,000-strong petition to the Department for Education. read more>>>

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Antarctic ice melting at record rate, study shows
The evidence comes from a 364-metre ice core containing a record of freezing and melting over the previous millennium

15 April 2013 - Summer ice is melting at a faster rate in the Antarctic peninsula than at any time in the last 1,000 years, new research has shown.

The evidence comes from a 364-metre ice core containing a record of freezing and melting over the previous millennium.

Layers of ice in the core, drilled from James Ross Island near the northern tip of the peninsula, indicate periods when summer snow on the ice cap thawed and then refroze. read more>>>

More pie for all
04 / 2013 - Financing: The new industry consortium truSolar is working to create a FICO score-type rating system to evaluate the risks – and bankability – of U.S. commercial solar projects. Could such a system increase capital, reduce financing prices and significantly grow the market?

As solar equipment prices have fallen, the cost of project financing has remained lofty, making up a growing percentage of total solar project costs. And those high prices are only for projects lucky enough to qualify for financing at all. Plenty of projects can’t even get those high rates. read more>>>

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10 Essential Smart Grid Trends To Watch
10 Apr 2013 - In a new white paper, Navigant Research has identified 10 key trends that the company says will shape global smart grid investment this year and beyond.

1. Smart Grid Technology Spending Remains Robust.

Smart grid technologies overall represent a large market, and one that is likely to continue growing throughout the decade. Navigant Research forecasts that smart grid technology revenue will reach a cumulative total of $494 billion during the period from 2012 to 2020, with a compound annual growth rate of 10%. read more>>>

The Networked Grid’s Top Ten North American Utilities
March 11, 2013 - GTM Research is pleased to recognize the following utilities as the "Top Ten North American Utilities in Smart Grid." (We announced the winners last week -- today we go into the details.)

In addition, special awards have been delegated to Baltimore Gas & Electric, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, and EPB for Best Advanced Metering Infrastructure, Best Consumer Engagement and Best Distribution Automation, respectively.

2013 also marks the second year in a row that APS, Duke Energy, Oncor, Pacfic Gas & Electric, San Diego Gas & Electric, Oklahoma Gas & Electric, Southern California Edison and EPB have received this honor. GTM Research names the Smart Grid All-Star team. read more>>>

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