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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 25 June 2014

Tracking critical energy infrastructure in the path of destruction
June 12, 2014 - The 2014 hurricane season is now underway, and the U.S. Energy Information Administration (EIA) is making it possible to track the power plants, oil refineries, major electric transmission lines, and other critical energy infrastructure that are in the path of potentially devastating weather activity from all types of mobile devices and tablets -- using the EIA's Energy Mapping System and Energy Disruptions web page.

NOAA, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration, projects with 70 percent certainty that there will be between eight and 13 named storms from June to November 2014, of which three to six will strengthen to hurricanes, and one or two will become major hurricanes. read more>>>

Pushing for a green agenda
June 16, 2014 - THE HOTEL was swarming with suits. Scientists and researchers mingling with corporate leaders, government servants and policy makers.

I was buzzing with new information I garnered during a week-long science journalism workshop in Bogor, Indonesia – organised by Forest Summit Asia hosts, the Center for International Forestry Research (CIFOR).

Climate change, carbon credits, peat fires, REDD+ and the green economy littered every conversation from the main conference hall, to the coffee room.

One of the reasons why I love being a journalist, is that I get to be part of conversations like this. read more>>>

Small Wind Turbine Generator for Clean Energy Power Production

El Paso Electric says goodbye to coal
June 17, 2014 - El Paso Electric Company (EPE) will be coal-free by 2016 and, in less than one year, has doubled its utility-scale solar portfolio -- positioning it well to meet new carbon standards proposed by the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

El Paso Electric is anticipating the completion and commercial operation of 50 MW Macho Springs, which began construction in July 2013 and will be the largest solar facility in New Mexico. An additional solar facility (10 MW completed by the end of the year) will expand total solar generation to 6 percent of EPE's dedicated generation resources. read more>>>

'Greening' construction jobs for energy efficiency
June 10, 2014 - When politicians talk about the future of employment and how to get the American economy back on track, there is one phrase that will inevitably flow from their lips: "Green jobs." But what exactly is a green job and where does it come from?

California is a good place to find the answer -- it has some of the most ambitious energy conservation goals in the nation. State building codes will require all new residential and commercial construction be zero net energy by 2030. That means every building will have to produce as much energy as it consumes.

To accomplish that, lots of construction workers will be needed. read more>>>

Wind Power For Dummies

Europe's largest fully-solar industrial building complex
18.06.2014 - The Austrian company Habau is using intelligent component activation to power its new production facilities with 100% solar energy. In order to achieve this, 1,410 m2 of solar collector area from the Austrian manufacturer Gasokol were installed on the production buildings. The fully solar solution will enable Habau to save approximately 500,000 kWh of energy from fossil fuels annually.

"Several production buildings in Perg were getting a bit old," explains Habau Managing Director Anton Karner and adds: "After extensive planning and economic considerations, we came to the conclusion that a new building complex with a total area of 7,700 m2 would be the most sensible solution." read more>>>

Jamaica’s largest PV plant with 1.6 MW capacity is unveiled
17.06.2014 - In cooperation with IBC Solar, project developer Sofos Jamaica Ltd. inaugurated a 1.6 MW PV plant on a hotel, which will use the solar energy for own consumption.

The hotel The Grand Palladium Resort & Spa invested about 3.4 million US$ to build a 1.6 MW PV for own consumption plant on its roof. The hotel is the first in Jamaica to invest that much into renewable energies and hopes to see a full return on these investments after four years. The PV plant in Hanover is now the biggest in Jamaica and the first in the Caribbean with a blocking system to allow private electricity consumption without feeding surplus electricity into the grid – which will have saved them 21.9 million US$ after 30 years. read more>>>

Solar Electricity Handbook - 2014 Edition: A Simple Practical Guide to Solar Energy - Designing and Installing Photovoltaic Solar Electric Systems

Can Utility Revenue Climb Despite the Growth of Distributed Generation?
June 4, 2014 - What do leaders from the largest U.S. municipal utility and one of the industry’s more disruptive technology upstarts have to say about the market transformation at the grid edge and what it means for utility evolution?

GTM recently had the opportunity to sit down face-to-face with CEOs Doyle Beneby of CPS Energy and Naimish Patel of Gridco Systems to find out.

San Antonio-based CPS Energy is the country’s largest municipal utility in terms of total asset base, ownership of generation assets in megawatts and total end customers, serving roughly 1 million combined electric and gas endpoints. read more>>>

World environment and new pledge for green economies
June 05 2014 - In April this year, two world records were broken or equaled with little fanfare: The global concentration of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere, the main driver of climate change, was above 400 parts per million (ppm) for an entire month for the first time in recorded history, and it was the joint hottest April on record, tying with 2010. These milestones provide further evidence that human-induced climate change is happening and accelerating.

The March report of the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change noted that global warming will hit Asia the hardest, with flooding, famine and rising sea levels putting hundreds of millions at risk. With Asia accounting for a growing share of greenhouse gas emissions, it is clear that the global battle against climate change may be won or lost in the region. This is why the region’s leaders need to act fast. read more>>>

EcoloBlue Water from Air

Enhancing safety of domestic solar power storage
June 3, 2014 - Lithium-ion battery-based energy storage systems have already demonstrated how efficient, reliable, and safe they can be in commercial electric vehicles. These high safety standards now also have to be transferred to battery-based storage systems for private photovoltaics facilities. At the Intersolar leading trade fair in Munich that will start on June 04, 2014, KIT will present solutions for the design of safe and long-lived PV domestic storage systems.

"Lithium-ion batteries can reach a very high operational reliability, if the manufacturer possesses the necessary know-how and observes some "golden rules"," explains Dr. Olaf Wollersheim of the Competence E project of Karlsruhe Institute of Technology (KIT). He and his team analyzed the transport safety and operational reliability of stationary batteries and formulated corresponding guidelines. "These guidelines may serve as a checklist to help laymen separate the wheat from the chaff." Stationary batteries store solar power and, in this way, eliminate the production peak at noon. This power is then released again in the evening, during the night or in the morning when it is needed. Area-wide balancing of power production and power demand would be an important element for the energy turnaround. read more>>>

RenewableUK applauds new wind energy study
30 May 2014 - The trade association RenewableUK, has welcomed new research published by the Eskdalemuir Working Group (EWG) unlocking the potential to install more than a gigawatt of onshore wind energy in Scotland in the near future.

The study by the EWG, the membership of which includes RenewableUK, confirms that there could be scope to allow further wind farm consents near the Eskdalemuir Seismic Array in Dumfries, operated by the Ministry of Defence (MoD). EWG, includes representatives from Governments and industry, commissioned a study on the safeguarding approach being used by the MoD at the site which monitors compliance on the Comprehensive Nuclear Test Ban Treaty. read more>>>

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