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Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 2 April 2014

Five Signs Solar Power is Taking Over the World
24 March 2014 - Burning fossil fuels (coal, natural gas and oil) is putting 32 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide annually into the atmosphere. Since CO2 is a greenhouse gas that traps heat from the sun on earth and prevents it radiating back out to space, this unprecedented human output is causing climate disruption, a process that will accelerate over the next few decades and will prove extremely costly to human society (if the latter can even survive).

The only energy source that has a hope of fixing this problem and of resolving the coming energy crisis is solar. The cost of solar panels is falling rapidly, raising the hope that we can put in enough panels quickly enough to avoid the very worst scenario of carbon-induced climate disruption. read more>>>

Siemens to build £310m wind turbine factory
25 March 2014 - Siemens has confirmed construction work will start soon on a wind turbine factory at the Green Port Hull site in East Yorkshire.

A revised planning application will now be submitted within months with the plant due to be operational by early 2016.

The Green Port Hull project has been on hold since early 2011.

But Siemens confirmed today it will commit £160m to the scheme with Associated British Ports investing a further £150m. read more>>>

WoodRight to Provide Special Services to Six 'Green Building' Communities
March 25, 2014 - WoodRight Forest Products has selected six "focus communities" based upon an environmental non-profit group's study documenting major green building certifications across 20 states.

Columbus, OH, Cincinnati, OH, Greensboro, NC, Charlotte, NC, Washington, DC, and New York City were selected based on research by sustainable development non-profits Appalachian Sustainable Development of Virginia and Rural Action of Ohio, and other environmental groups. WoodRight will bring product education, specification, and sourcing benefits to a variety of local building professionals in these communities, including: read more>>>

Honda Smart Home Uses Solar To Be Net Energy Producer
March 25, 2014 - Honda has built a demonstration smart home in California that promises to generate more energy than its occupants will use.

The Honda Smart Home U.S. is a 1,944-square-foot home that uses renewable energy sources, sustainable building materials, and innovative construction techniques. Where the average home consumes 13.3 megawatt hours of electricity each year, the Honda Smart Home sends 2.6 megawatt hours back to the grid.

That difference is largely due to a 9.5 kW solar array on the roof. read more>>>

Lagos govt, experts see economic opportunities in climate change solution
26.Mar.2014 - Tackling the climate change menace offers a new window of economic opportunities, environmental experts as well as the Lagos State government have said.

Thus, the Lagos State government has indicated its readiness to come up with measures that will present friendly environment for economic opportunities in tackling climate change issues.

This was the basis for the discussions had during this year’s Climate Change Summit, which is the sixth in the series of such organised by the Lagos State Ministry of the Environment. read more>>>

Following the green road to a rich and happy future
Mar 26, 2014 - Are we green enough? As another report lays out the environmental and economic benefits of a "green economy" in New Zealand, science reporter Jamie Morton looks at whether we're doing enough to get there.

As far as Simon Terry is concerned, it's not optional, but essential.

Mr Terry, executive director of the New Zealand Sustainability Council, is talking about a shift to a green economy - and quickly. read more>>>

Green Living Everyday

Utility efficiency programs saving enough to power more than 12M homes
March 26, 2014 - Efficiency programs sponsored by electric utilities saved 126 terawatt-hours (TWh) of electricity in 2012 -- enough to power more than 12.2 million U.S. homes for one year, according to the Edison Foundation Institute for Electric Innovation.

Further, U.S. customer-funded electric efficiency expenditures totaled nearly $5.9 billion in 2012 -- a 3 percent increase from 2011. The study also found that 2013 U.S. customer-funded budgets for electric efficiency totaled $7 billion. In five states, 2012 electric efficiency expenditures more than doubled from 2011 levels. read more>>>

Smart buildings to grow rapidly through 2017
March 26, 2014 - After several years of slower than anticipate growth, the smart buildings technology market is expected to grow rapidly as there is increasingly broad market awareness of the business values generated by deploying smart building solutions, according to IDC Energy Insights. Smart building technologies have matured to enable facility optimization through the convergence of information technology and building automation. Building owners and key decision makers are increasingly aware of the business value of these solutions; however, adoption of these technologies has been slow due to changes in business processes required for deployment and utilization.

Different countries experience different drivers of smart building expansion, including owners and managers seeking to reduce and control energy costs (U.S.) to governments driving environmental and energy efficiency objectives (Germany) to meeting energy supply challenges (Japan), according to IDC research. read more>>>

Australia’s first green construction site
26 March, 2014 - In partnership with the 202020 Vision, which seeks to increase urban green space by 20 per cent by 2020, Brookfield Multiplex has created Australia’s first ‘green’ construction site office at their Wetherill Park site in New South Wales.

The project is a ‘plug and play’ evidence-based Plant Plan developed and recommended by experts in the field, and includes a best practice, DIY guide for the implementation of any site office or demountable shed.

Developed by the University of Sydney and 202020Vision Advocate, Associate Professor Tonya Gray, the project is the first collaboration of the 202020 Vision’s Nursery. read more>>>

Why Going Green Means Big Business in the Construction Industry
Gone are the days of green building being a niche market. Today, it's a big business that's the future of the construction industry.

Mar 25, 2014 - Eco-friendly construction is no longer exclusively the jurisdiction of iconoclastic clients or small, hippie-run companies. As the housing market has recovered, the industry has lured talent from every sector and is now growing at a rapid clip--sealing its place on our list of the top industries of 2014. According to the U.S. Green Building Council, total revenue across the industry should grow to $245 billion by 2016.

We asked three small companies in the green construction industry how they broke into the business and what they learned along the way. Here’s what they had to say: read more>>>

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