Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Alternative Clean Energy Roundup: 9 July 2013

Groups to discuss jobs, climate change
July 8, 2013 - Two weeks after President Barack Obama unveiled a series of initiatives intended to combat climate change, labor leaders and local officials will discuss how to help promote a clean-energy economy.

BlueGreen Alliance, a partnership of unions and environmental organizations, and the United Steelworkers will hold a roundtable meeting on climate change and job creation at 2 p.m. Tuesday in the United Steelworkers headquarters. Allegheny County Executive Rich Fitzgerald, United Steelworkers president Leo Gerard and BlueGreen Alliance executive director David Foster, among others, will attend.

Khari Mosley, Pennsylvania regional programs manager for the BlueGreen Alliance, said the purpose of the meeting is to support the Obama administration's efforts through a discussion of how to create "the jobs of tomorrow" in the region. read more>>>

EPA set to unveil host of new regs
07/07/13 - The Obama administration is looking forward to a host of new environmental regulations that go far beyond the president's plans to issue new standards for greenhouse gas emissions from new and existing power plants.

The new regulations, previewed in the administration's spring regulatory roadmap released this week, cover everything from pollution runoff from military ships to landfill methane emissions, and in some cases will be issued long after called for under the law. read more>>>

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In no hurry: As faster hybrids and electric cars pass them by, some hang on to their ‘low-speed vehicles’
July 07, 2013 - Julie Conigliaro’s ZENN doesn’t go very fast, but for her it is the perfect vehicle.

Conigliaro uses the car, which can’t go faster than 25 mph and runs entirely on electricity, to drive the 4 miles to her job as a graphic designer at SC Johnson, and to run errands around town. She has another car that she uses for longer trips, as the ZENN can only travel for 35 miles before it needs to be charged.

She bought her first ZENN, which stands for Zero-Emission No Noise, in 2008. It was a used demonstration model she quickly traded in for the green model she has today. read more>>>

What's the Right Dose?
Looking beyond hyperbole to confirm the real data behind health claims for green buildings.

July 2013 - The link between health and green building seems natural. More daylight, fresh air, and reduced emissions from fossil fuel read like a recipe for wellness. But there are those who use things like LEED certification as a marker of healthy building when the facts don't always align with the claims.

For example, Duke Realty, an Indiana health-care-facility developer, extols on its website the healthy attributes of a recent project that achieved LEED Gold certification, asserting, "Green buildings typically have better indoor air quality than conventional facilities." However, the certification was for LEED for Core & Shell. This category doesn't include the finish-out of tenant spaces and avoids a primary culprit in indoor air quality: toxic emissions from finish materials. read more>>>

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Samsung to test 7MW offshore wind turbine at Narec
03 July 2013 - Samsung Heavy Industries (SHI) is about to begin testing the drive train of its new, 7 MW offshore wind turbine at the National Renewable Energy Centre (Narec) in Northumberland.

The initiative, which Narec Chief Executive Andrew Mill describe as "fantastic recognition" for the team behind establishing the first large scale includes performance and endurance testing in the controlled onshore laboratory at the facility. read more>>>

GE accelerates wind energy development in Brazil
02 July 2013 - GE has opened a new wind energy services center in Bahia, Brazil.

The company said the facility, the first of two service centers it will open in Brazil this year, will enable it to more quickly and efficiently put local expertise to work in meeting the country's growing demand for advanced wind energy services.

According to the Global Wind Energy Council, wind energy is one of Brazil’s fastest growing energy sources and the country has become a leader in the South American wind energy market. read more>>>

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Mongolia joins the wind energy revolution
02 July 2013 - Mongolia’s first wind farm, located deep in the Mongolian Steppe, 70km from its capital, Ulaanbaatar, was officially opened today by the Mongolian Minister of Energy, Mishig Sonompil.

The multi-million dollar Salkhit wind development, which consists of 31 GE wind turbines, will provide 50 megawatts of clean power for the country, offsetting coal powered generation and costly energy imports from other countries.

“Wind energy represents a step change in Mongolian fuel generation," said David Scott, the Honorary Consul of Mongolia in Scotland. read more>>>

Paisano Green Community
July 2013 - The city of El Paso, Texas, has been worthy of attention over the years for a number of reasons, in particular because of its continued status as one of the safest large cities in the United States—a surprising distinction since unemployment is high, poverty persists, and adjacent Ciudad Ju├írez, Mexico, has only recently begun to shake its bad reputation as a narcotics trade capital. The border town has a vibrant history as a continental crossroads, but it has never been singled out for a commitment to sustainable building. That has changed with the completion of Paisano Green Community, a low-income public senior-housing project that is targeting net zero energy use and LEED Platinum certification.

The project was commissioned by the Housing Authority of the City of El Paso (HACEP) and designed by Boulder, Colorado–based Workshop8. read more>>>

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Retired Couple to Travel Around the Wold on Solar Powered Electric Tricycle
07/03/13 - Building an electric tricycle from scratch is one thing – but driving it through 100 countries around the world in 5 years is another thing entirely. Li Linxiang, 66, and his wife Zhao Yafan, 64, are a retired couple from Shenyang, China – and they plan to circle the globe in a homemade solar-powered trike. They left from Shenyang on May 25th and they plan to travel through China, Kazakhstan, and the Middle East before spending the winter in Ethiopia. From there the couple will continue their journey in the spring by entering Europe via Turkey. read more>>>

Gulf states plan $155 billion solar energy projects
04/07/2013 - Solar energy is set to emerge as one of the Gulf region's main sources of energy by 2017 with approximately 155 billion worth of solar power installation projects in the pipeline to generate more than 84GW of power.

The UAE and Saudi Arabia will be leading the region in promoting renewable energy and reducing their carbon footprints. Abu Dhabi has set a goal of generating seven per cent of its electricity from renewable sources by 2020. Masdar, the state-owned renewable energy company, has announced that it will invest up to Dh6 billion in alternative energy schemes alongside the UK's Green Investment Bank (GIB).

The Saudi government hopes to double its installed electricity capacity by building 54GW of renewable energy (as well as 17.6GW of nuclear power) by 2032, of which 41GW will obtained from the sun. read more>>>

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